Stories, Intellect, Magic, Adventure.

Stories, Intellect, Magic, Adventure.

Stories, Intellect, Magic, Adventure.

Self Portrait #2 of 52.

Todays photo is part of my self portrait project.

The following information is copy and pasted from the description I wrote up about this image on my Flickr page:

“This photo, to me, portrays the novelty of the paper book. Books have constantly been on my mind lately. Come to find out, I will be doing a lot(more than the past two semesters) of reading this semester for classes. Luckily, one of my classes is World Literature. The book I am reading in this picture I am actually reading for class. I am also reading a self-portrait book by Miss Aniela at the moment.

Reading, as I discovered at a young age, is something that can take you beyond your wildest dreams. It takes you into someone elses’ wildest dream, the authors’.

I also wanted the word on the sticker, USED, in the shot. Whether books are new or used(pending they have all the pages), they might as well be new. When I see a used book it reminds me of those movies where a young kid finds an old piece of literature hidden away in the attic and goes on an adventure.

Also, this is my first time reading through the Odyssey and man do I love it. Good stuff Homer!”

To make this photo I used my camera on a tripod of course, remote shutter releases  so I didn’t have to deal with a timer. Camera right, on the ground leaning up against my bed frame was my reflector with the white side. I used my Yongnuo flash faced away from me, towards the reflector as my only source of light. It was dark out so there was no sunlight. The flash would fire at the reflector and in turn it would be reflected onto me, for a softer less harsh light. Pretty simple setup.

You can view it on Flickr HERE!

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