Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico!

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Hey everyone!!!

The past week I have been in northern New Mexico with all but one day spent in the mountains with very little phone signal and no internet(hence why there were no posts). And frankly, not having access to facebook and all that social media stuff was actually pretty relaxing. We played card games at night and went skiing/snowboarding during the day. What was amazing is that our lodge was literally at the bottom of the ski lift. It was awesome to wake up, get dressed, walk out the door and step right up to the ski lift. Late monday night was my first time ever seeing mountains of snow, and man do I love snowy weather! New Mexico was utterly brilliant with views, culture, art, and good times! Tuesday was my first day snowboarding ever and it was a rough day; however, the other 3 days spent snowboarding were amazing! I caught on after the first day incredibly fast. The 3rd and 4th day I was rarely falling coming down the mountain with some speed! Also, on Friday we got snow so the mountain was covered with powder and it was awesome! I heard another guy on the trip say it was like snowboarding on air and yes it was!!!

Anyways, todays photo and many to come in the next 2 weeks are from the ski trip. This photo was taken while standing up on a bus going 50 mph. I love the tree/twig in the foreground that gives the image a great feeling of separation from it and the mountain. This photo and tomorrows photo is already posted on my website if you know how to get there. Wednesday is a photo I believe you will not want to miss.

Hope you enjoy viewing this photo as much as I did making it!!!


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P.S. If you would like to use this image for anything please let me know. Feel free to use it as a wallpaper! Email me for inquiries on prints.

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