Can never get enough horse pictures eh?!

Can ya see me through that hair?

Can ya see me through that hair?

Hello there.

Hello there.

Hey everyone,

I apologize for being so non active the past week. With holidays and all and shot a wedding on Saturday that I have been really busy editing(not even close to done…) along with work. So here is two photos to(hopefully) make up for my absence.

I posted one photo a few days ago of the light brown horse. Most laid back horse ever. Was trying to lick my camera every chance he got.

I have not taken to many photos recently except for the wedding this past weekend. I have been extremely busy.

Also, for 2013 I am doing a 52 self portrait project. I will still be posting here everyday M-F(some weekends). However, this self portrait project is not going to be like a “snap a pic in the bathroom” project. I am hoping every week will be themed and thoroughly thought out with some props/interesting locations/creative locations. I got this idea from a Flickr user named Havard Hole, check him out at He is doing a 365 project, but not all self portraits(although most of them are), and they are brilliant!!!! Love his work!

Hope everyone is having a good holiday break!

Also, please like my Facebook page if you would like to. Plan on taking this photography gig to new places in 2013 with fashion/editorial work!!!!


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