Hey everyone!

Figured ya’ll were tired of seeing photos from Lost Maples, so I will be switching on and off with displaying that set.

Coming back from Austin on Thanksgiving weekend we passed an area that showed great despair. Last October there was an immense fire in the South/Central Texas area. Mainly around Bastrop and towns surrounding it. This photo specifically does not show all of the destruction, though you can see hints of it, so I will go in depth about the fire when I post photos of the fields.

I parked my car and started walking to the burned areas when I saw this awesome angle. I am using a friends 10-22mm and it definitely helped me get this shot from this specific angle. There is a bit of grain/noise in the image, which I usually do not like; however, it works in this image for me. I really like how this one turned out. Please, please leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts! Thanks!

Also, you can check out my Flickr account www.flickr.com/logan_hickle and see all of my photos. I of course do not post everything here. Also on photoshoots I only post a few here, but all are posted on Flickr. If you go to the set option you can view each shoot.

If you are a fan of instagram or services like it check out the new Flickr app. It has been total poo since the beginning of time. BUT!!! Today they updated it and so far from the reviews it sounds ridiculously awesome. Can just fill all your time with looking at photos. Mine is downloading as I type this.

If you want prints of any of my photos you can email me at loganhickle91@gmail.com

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One thought on “Electricity!

  1. Absolutely BEAutiful shot!!!

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