Multiple Photos!!!

Lonesome Chair

Lonesome Chair

Behind an old shop is one lonely chair. Looked like a chair that an old man would sit at for hours on end.

Red, White, & Blue

Red, White, & Blue

Thought the window being open added some interest to the photo, for some reason.



This photo is quite heavily edited. Was trying to blow out that car in the background.

Wear & Tear

Wear & Tear

There are a ridiculous amount of antique stores here in Huntsville, TX. Need to go looking in all of them for props and clothes for photoshoots.

Love Old Bicycles!

Love Old Bicycles!

Thought this was a little humorous. The sign says do not enter, meaning vehicles and such, so it looks as if this person left their bike at the sign and walked in. Not sure where the person was though. Also, I love old bicycles, awesome, interesting subjects for photos!

Red Brick

Red Brick

This structure is very odd and random in downtown Huntsville. Seems out of place.


Hey everyone!

So I was going through all the images I have edited sitting on my hard drive. Come to find out I have quite a few. These images are from a few weeks back, already posted some from the day(Mr. Hamburger and such) and wanted to get them all knocked out. So instead of just one image, you get 6 today! These were not my best images from the day, but still outcomes and results. Gotta start somewhere!

I have many photos to post. I have a journal type thing going on now that I keep mostly photography related information in. Wrote down all the photos I want to post and where they are located on my hard drive. So I can just go through the list and check them off as they are posted.

I am on a 4 day weekend as of today and I plan on using that time wisely. Have plans to photograph a couple, in turn the guy will be taking photos of me in the near future. Also, I have gone on a lot of trips with SHSU Outdoors and on every trip we pass through this small town about 30 minutes west of Huntsville. A lot of interesting buildings and structures there. Plan on taking a trip there this weekend, maybe on Sunday to take some photos.

Cannot wait to post the photos from the Lost Maples backpacking trip! Love how most of them came out.

As most of you know, I am in college and alas, finals week is upon us. That’s probably why I was “lucky” with a 4 day weekend. Guess I am suppose to use it to study or whatever that’s called! Lucky for those who dig my photos, my blog is centered around the photos. And not so much around my words(although this is a long post), so it does not take much time at all to post. So I will still be posting this coming week.

Think that’s it for now! Have a good Friday and weekend! Get outside and explore for crying out loud!

If you dig my work/photos, share/love/yell them out to your friends with those Facebook, Twitter, and ReBlog buttons. Or pet a cat, I suppose petting a cat could suffice. Why that just popped in my head, I have no idea.



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