Urban Movement!

Intense Graffiti

Hey everyone,

This is an image of myself from a few months back at the grand opening of Urban Movements(http://www.urban-movement.org/) new training space. Gonzo, the guy spray painting, is well known in the Houston scene and did some amazing work. The party started just before he began on the mural and he had it 95% complete by the end of the night. Great work that’s for sure!

This picture was actually taken by my friend, Danny, who was also there with his equipment taking pictures. That is me in the image doing the handstand. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love spending time practicing the handstand.

Great times that night and plenty of fun! Keep up the great work Urban Movement!


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One thought on “Urban Movement!

  1. Love it! It’s a bit out of the ordinary, but the graffiti is very artistic so is the acrobatics done on the side 🙂

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