Self Portrait #1!

Self Portrait

Hey everyone.

So last night I setup my flashes, closed my door, and did some more self portrait work. They are actually in focus this time! Such a bad attempt back in August. This is my first photo from last night.

My tattoo of a koi fish is my only one so far. To me it means strength, endurance, beauty, and of course some luck. These fish are gorgeous.  I also LOVE the japanese/asian cultures. I got it done back in 2009 and then got the outline redone back in September. Next semester I will be getting it fully shaded(colored) in. I will post a picture of it when it’s complete. It looked terrible the first time it was done. This recent retouch helped a lot. Some lines, like the water near the top, were not retouched because when the artist goes over to shade and color in water there, it will be easier with less defined lines.

I always said, whenever I get rich and settle down I will have a koi fish pond in my house.

Over the next week or so I will be posting all self portrait work.

I have some photoshoots planned for the coming weeks, so more photos shall be on the way!

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