Follow Your Passion


Today is another photo of Maddie. I am hoping to do a few shoots this weekend, so I will have plenty of new photos to post.

A little paragraph about following your passion.

About two weeks ago I was at a family gathering, celebrating my grandpas 70th birthday. We had a huge event with over 100 people. I was the photographer for the  event and got tons of shots. We had setup this huge grill station with 4 different grills. I was talking to a friend of my aunt and uncles who was helping cook about school. He just so happened to graduate from SHSU(where I attend). So he asked me what I wanted to do after college. I told him that since I have picked up a DSLR I am really wanting to pursue photography as a career. He is this bigwig for Progressive that watches over many states. The next thing he said to me literally shocked me. He told me “Well since that photography thing won’t pan out, call me when you need a job.” I was lost for words.

He is honestly a nice guy but was definitely someone that got stuck in a job that was not his passion/dream. I am going to follow this road of photography. Later down the road I will remember what he said and in my mind I will be saying “TAKE THAT!”

ALWAYS follow your dreams and passions. The human mind is truly amazing. Set your mind to it, and it is yours for the taking.



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