Creative Live!

Since I am going to slow down with posting photographs(so my viewers don’t see crap photos), I figured I would still stick with some photography related topics.

Creative Live(, this website is hands down my best learning tool yet. This website, made by photographers, presents FREE live multi-day workshops. Full 8 hours a day workshops with top notch individuals in the industry. These workshops range from posing, make up, styling, business, marketing, software….anything photography related, they have workshops for it. They heavily market and show their schedule on their social media networks and their sites. So it is extremely easy to schedule around these workshops a month in advance.

But how do they stay in business and get all of these amazing professionals to take days to teach?! So for MOST of the workshops. While the workshop is going on you can buy the whole package for $99, all the video from all of the days. Once the workshop is over the price then goes up to $149. Again, this is for MOST of the workshops and I believe a few are a bit higher. Creative Live already has a HUGE library of workshops to choose from and purchase.

As I write this I am watching/listening to a workshop rebroadcast(each night after the workshop is concluded for the day they replay it twice I believe, which is awesome for those that were at work!) This workshop is plain awesome. I will be extremely busy over the coming days and feel like I will not grasp all that is told. Therefore, on Wednesday morning I will most likely purchase this 3 day workshop for $99. I am a college student, that $99 is a big hit, but it’s all about the long run.

If you have ANY interest in photography, styling, make up, wardrobe, or just a business in the art industry check this company out at

Once again, I will start to slow down on posting photos. I do not wish to post worthless photos that my viewers get nothing from.

Hopefully this website can help someone out as much as it has myself!!!

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