The Main Temple. Perfection.

The Main Temple.

Hey everyone! Hope ya’ll are having a great day. 2 out of my 3 classes were cancelled for the day, so all is well here!

All the photos from the past couple of days of the hindu-esque structures were leading up to this photo. According to the website of this temple( it “is the first traditional Hindu Mandir of its kind in North America.” A beauty like nothing I have seen in Texas, all hand crafted. I wish there were not as many people in the picture but what can ya do. I was going to wait for the people to clear but it was about to rain. You can start to see it come in on the left side of the frame.

One of the main things I love in this picture is in the pathways going into the temple. Where it starts to get dark you can see that pattern is repeating itself inside the building on the ceiling. And because of how dark it gets so quickly it seems to go on forever. When in actuality it stops just out of sight from this picture.

One of the awesome things from this day was when I walked into the temple a man asked me to put this cloth around my legs. I was wearing shorts and I was not aware that inside the temple my legs were not allowed to be exposed.

I was not able to get any shots inside the temple itself because it was prohibited. I would much rather respect a culture and their beliefs than piss them off for one or two shots.

Thank you for visiting!


P.S. The shot that I posted on September 28th( was from the side of this building. Etched into it.

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2 thoughts on “The Main Temple. Perfection.

  1. Can you please tell me where you find all of these amazing places here in Texas? Because I must be living in a cave or something… 🙂

    • The address for this temple is:
      1150 Brand Lane,
      Stafford, TX 77477.
      You can see the temple from avenue E, but the entrance is on Brand Lane.

      The address for the buddhist temple is:
      12550 Jebbia Lane, Stafford, TX 77477
      The buddhist temple is on the corner of Airport blvd & Jebbia Lane.

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