The car “broke down.”

The car “broke down.”

I figured since I started this blog about 2 week ago I have just posted shots from one day of shooting. I will get back to those shots tomorrow, but change of pace for today.

Over the summer I had the chance to help out on a video shoot. We shot two videos that day and this was the first. When I was not having to help with equipment I was taking some shots. I took this shot and didn’t even really think anything of it until I loaded it onto my laptop from the SD card. This video shoot was for a clothing line( You can follow that link to see the name, it contains an expletive word that I don’t mind using but others reading this may not like. Actually a nice guy that runs it all. The actual enlisted photographer for the video shoot was right next to me taking almost the same shot. I guess we both saw the chance. I have a second shot, just Jordan in the black was more in the car, aka bent over looking into the car. I figured this was the more appropriate of the two for this blog. Love both the shots though!

The second shoot of the day was late at night in a sketch motel. We trashed the place for the shoot and we found some things that were not what you would want to see in a place you are laying your head for the night. However, so much fun nonetheless. I did not get any good shots from the second shoot because I ended up being in the video at the last second. If anyone would like to see the video leave a comment here and I shall ask some people/search for the link again.

Also, feel free to leave a comment on any comments/suggestions you have or anything I could have done better! I have not touched photoshop yet for any of my photos and would prefer to stay away from it at the moment. Do not want to alter the image that I took in the field to much.

Thanks for visiting!!!


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