It’s All About The Kids.

My twins.

Hello everyone,

First thing. Today’s post and message is not centered necessarily around a photo I took. Since I am the guy in this photo. This post is purely about the message, and it will probably turn into a fairly long post. So exit now if you don’t want to hear about kids and how awesome they are.

For those of you that do not know I am a full-time college student, picture taker(this blog), and I coach gymnastics part time. I have always loved kids, ever since I can remember. I coach kids from 3 years old – 17 years old and honestly love my 3-5 year olds the most. Last night I had a dream and it was purely awesome. I don’t remember much, all I remember is that there was a young boy around 5 years old. His parents just up and left him for some reason. I do not remember where we were, but my mother was there. The boy was emotionally upset about his parents disappearing. I kneeled down in front of him and told him to close his eyes. I said “I am going to count to 3, open your eyes at 3 and your dad will be here in front of you.” So I counted and on 3 he opened his eyes, I was still kneeling there. As odd as it was/is he understood that from then on out I was willing to be his dad and take care of him. The next part I remember is being outside wherever we were and I sat down and started crying because I was happy for the kid and that I had the heart and courage to take him in just like that.

The dream was(or at least it seemed) to be ridiculously long but that is all I can really remember. A very emotional dream and I have been trying to remember it all day. There are really two things I owe my love of kids too. First, is my mother. When I woke up from that dream I texted her and asked if she wanted to get dinner tonight(I only live 45 minutes from my hometown). We met up after I got off from coaching and we talked. I told her exactly what I wrote in the paragraph above. And I told her that I could really see myself doing something like that and it’s because of her and the way I was raised. For being a single mother 90% of my life she has done amazing at teaching my brother and I how to treat others and be selfless, yet not get pushed around either. Second, is the connection I have made with kids at my gymnastics job over the last 9 months. At times this job is crazy and stressful but these kids keep me coming back. I cannot express enough how awesome kids are, and if you view them otherwise, man are you missing out on some good times.

The kids at work crawl all over me. One will jump on top of me and then the rest of the class follows suit and im a pillow for about 10 seconds until I tell them ok, ok, time to get back to doing some “awesome gymnastics stuff!” One of my kids just says watermelon whenever I talk to him or repeats exactly what I say. You would think this would be annoying but it’s awesome!!! One of my 4 year old girls does this thing, she will put her hands up in the air like a mad scientist and did this maniacal laugh. It’s unbelievably, yet again, awesome. I could go on and on about different things I have seen at the gym.

Kids are really something else and I can and cannot wait to have my own. Can, because I am in college and need to create a life first. Cannot, because of the good times that I know will follow.

Also, if you are ever having troubles communicating with a kid, try getting on their level with their terminology. It’s amazing how much thinking about what you are about to say can affect a conversation and interaction.


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2 thoughts on “It’s All About The Kids.

  1. Hey Logan, this is great! You have inspired me to start blogging myself. Looking forward to more posts!

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