Trust yourself, before you can expect others to trust in you.

Today is September 25, 2012, and today marks the day of greatest difficulty to trust, whether that is trusting yourself or others. Tomorrow will mark the day of greatest difficulty. The world is not becoming a better place on its own. An individual must trust themselves before they can even begin to trust another. So many experiences in today’s world where someone can have a conversation with a friend, when in the end the friend could not care less. All I am saying is trust yourself, your decisions, your actions. Then attempt to help and trust in others.
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One thought on “Trust.

  1. Trust… yes! The virtues are all slipping by. I don’t mean to say then “why to?” All I am trying to say is it leaves me broken. Yet, I practice!

    Loved the capture.
    Hugs xoxo

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